To facilitate learning, a range of useful resources are made available to students.


Students are able to access all courses and exams using the student portal, at Website login details are shared with students after registering and joining the KLC community on Telegram.

Courses are self paced. Lecture recordings and transcriptions are organized according to a schedule and available to students on the student portal. When the student logs in, they are able to access all the courses to which they are enrolled or have been enrolled in the past.

In turn, each course has its own course workspace to access lectures, supplementary resources, as well as practice and final exams.

A link is embedded in each course to access a Google form for students to document their mubahatha sessions.

Course lectures are pre-recorded. All classes are taught in English. All pre-recorded lectures are taught by Huj. Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali.

Students may also access the calendar on the student portal. The calendar includes all important dates, including exams, webinars, retreats, special events, graduation ceremonies, and interfaith trips. The student portal also gives students access to their profile information, academic progress, and assessment grades.

Another important feature on the student portal is the “Question & Answer” tab. Students are encouraged to submit their questions and read previously-submitted questions related to their coursework. Students also have the option of posting their questions anonymously. Questions are normally answered during the live weekly webinars.


The Risalat Learning app is a study companion that makes it easier to explore the KLC curriculum. You can listen to the lectures of your courses and keep track of your progress. Some of the books required for your studies are also available for download within the app.

The app is available on iOS/iPadOS and Android.


Students also have access to a number of KLC courses on the supplementary Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform, at The MOOC platform is available to the wider public. Students have the option of taking practice quizzes for associated courses.

Last modified: Monday, 25 April 2022, 8:59 PM