About Us

Welcome to a new place of worship that Allah, the Most Gracious, has afforded for us all! It is a masjid whose floors and walls are made of your hearts and minds as they journey forward in the pursuit of knowledge, aimed at transforming us into true students seeking to be ever more genuine professors of divine love.

Congratulations for embarking on one of life’s most rewarding journeys and committing to strive towards gaining a deeper understanding of God, of your selves and of the universe, of Islam, of our religion and of our way of eternal life.

Some reflections about the choice of names attached to this endeavor are below:

First, the word kawthar is evoked with the intention of gaining the blessing of association with Lady Fatima al-Zahra (as), whom we beseech to aid us in our journey of learning towards God. Al-kawthar is also in association with the Pond of Kawthar, which represents the source of salvation, life and knowledge of Allah, the Most High.

Second, the word circle is to capture the vision of our esteemed teacher, Shaykh Mohammad Ali Shomali, who emphasized his mindset that is anchored in a spirit of collective learning, where teacher and students eagerly welcome the thoughts and questions of each other with a shared devotion to discover the Truth.

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