Sheikh retreat

The Kawthar Learning Circle (KLC) is a hybrid Islamic educational program and community, blending mostly online learning with in-person classes and encounters. KLC was officially incorporated on May 28, 2019 in British Columbia, Canada, though informal operations have been in place since 2016.

KLC traces its roots to 2016 when a group of close-knit, dedicated Muslims who had been residing in Montreal, Canada, were thirsty for advanced Islamic knowledge from a qualified, prominent, and knowledgeable scholar who is also a graduate of the Islamic seminary. After meeting with Huj. Dr. Mohammad Ali Shomali during his visits to Canada and discerning his aptitude, vast knowledge, and great wisdom, several attempts were made to learn from him in a formal and structured way over the internet (since Dr. Shomali is based in London, UK). At first Dr. Shomali hesitated, in part because of the uncertainties surrounding the efficacy of an online program at the time. After several more petitions, however, he agreed under the condition that eight to ten people from four cities sign up. This is in keeping with his special interest in collective learning. In a matter of only a few weeks, and merely by word of mouth, more than thirty eager students from seven cities had signed up.

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