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The program is a two year program, however the minimum commitment is one year. Accommodations for exam times and religious holidays will be given, but no extended vacation period will be allotted in order to maintain the momentum. University / college students are requested to provide their mid-term and final exam schedule as early as possible, by sending the details to the KLC email account.
Attendance for the live webinar with Sh. Shomali is mandatory. Exemptions are only applicable for exceptional circumstances. Other meetings with the group are highly recommended, the more frequent the better, to keep a strong sense of fratenity and community between us.
The quota for this course is 45 students. If the quota is not yet reached, the procedure is as follows: Suggest person in question first to administration. If the suggested person is (1) committed and (2) a person that they themselves can support and help to ensure they continue then they can be approached. In turn, someone official from the group speaks to them again in person to emphasize the commitment and nature of the work. If they are still good, then they are in.
Quizzes will be electronically administered. Online webinars with the teacher and all the students will be with Cisco Webex.
Everything will start from ground up. It's depth of understanding not amount of information.
The online lectures are the primary medium for instruction, but this endeavor is also heavily geared towards group learning as an essential component for learning and studying. Physical meetings between paired individuals, or groups of 3-4 are highly recommended. However, if they are unable to or some members of the group cannot attend in person they can rely on Skype meetings and the like.
Classes with Sh. Shomali are twice a month. The webinars will be held every second Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (EST). Please check the Course Information, Syllabus and Calendars sections for regular updates
First, everyone is learning from ground up. Ideally, one must be paired up with someone they are familiar with. Larger group discussions should take place after (1) individual study and (2) paired study. This will help each person develop a good initial understanding before having discussions with individuals one is less familiar with.
There is a cost associated with this course. However, we will not charge anything more than the direct expenses which include webinar hosting costs, books and logistical expenses. Therefore, the maximum annual cost will be 100$. An update will be provided in three months.
Drop out date is February 22nd, 2016.
Don't worry. You will never be left alone. The team is very friendly and group administrators will ensure that everyone is properly and comfortable connected with other members of the study program.
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