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YTG Program

Seeking knowledge is a journey and the Kawthar Learning Circle Youth Program is one station on your path to learn more about Allah (swt) and Islam.

The Youth Program is a web-based educational platform which is:

  • Designed for Muslimahs from 14 to 21 years of age 
  • Comprised of four learning streams - 101, 201, 301, and Honours
  • Actively engaging its students from September to May. 
  • Promoting the cultivation of knowledge in a culturally diverse setting
  • Marked by independent study, weekly discussion sessions, spiritual challenges, and live webinars with Shaykh Shomali. 
  • Communally based whereby social wilayah gatherings and retreats with the general KLC community form part of the program.

The Learning Environment

Mubahatha (discussion sessions) is a learning style that supports the following:

  • Enhances the level of comprehension of the studied material(s).
  • Improves communication and listening skills. 
  • Assists the process of proper inquiry and response.
  • Supports memorization. 

Social Wilayah

Social Wilayah is considered to be the soul of Islam, which encourages believers to treat one another as though they belong to one family. The basis of our relationships is built  on respectful communications embodied with dignity, respect, and honour.


Meaning uprightness, steadfastness, and perseverance is a cornerstone quality for any perfection. During the course of the year, many obstacles and challenges will confront   the student which could prevent her from arriving at the end. This is why istiqamah is a pillar for the successful student.



The Kawthar Learning Circle Youth Program has the following expectations of the students:

  • A sincere desire to gain a deeper understanding of Allah (swt) and of Islam.
  • A sense of determination to commit to the program.
  • An openness to engage with one’s peers and to learn in a trusting social circle.
  • A willingness to establish good time management and prioritization skills.
  • An interest to be intellectually challenged and to embark on a path of self-discovery.

Brief Descriptions of the YTG Tracks:

YTG 101 (Prerequisite – None)
101 is the introductory stream for new students. The lessons cover arguments proving the existence of God. This stream focuses on the Roots of Religion laying emphasis on Tawheed, Prophethood and Imamate to ensure that the students’ foundational knowledge of Islam is secure. The track is complemented by lessons on Self-Knowledge and activities that support the self-reflection process.  YTG 101 will also touch on subjects related to Practical Spirituality and the Qur’an. There will be assessments over the course of the year as a means to support the learning process.

YTG 201 (Prerequisite: YTG 101)

201 The course is a blend of lessons on self-development and select topics related to Akhlaq. Students will study a thematic tafsir topic from the Holy Qur'an and there will be a lesson on a contemporary issue. Students will have the option to select their lesson of interest as it relates to Imam Al Mahdi (as). There will be assessments over the course of the year as a means to support the learning process.

YTG 301B (Prerequisite: YTG 201) 

301B will initiate with an introduction to the faculties of the soul and continue with a structured lesson on self-development. Students will enhance their study of this topic by selecting from a series of lectures which provide practical instructions for self-improvement. The importance of community building and an introduction to the concept of Awaiting Imam Mahdi (as) will follow. Student discussions will also centre around the Resurrection, its characteristics, and an understanding of the immateriality of the spirit (ruh). There will be assessments over the course of the year to support the learning process.

YTG 301A (Prerequisite: YTG 301) 

301A is an advanced program for those students who have demonstrated their eagerness to commit to the learning process through their proven track record in YTG 101 - 301, their regular attendance, active participation and preparedness within the Mubahatha sessions; and their above average grades. YTG 301A will address the subject of materialism and its impact on our understanding of The Self. There will be a review of The Self and its primary characteristics supplemented with lessons on The Intellect. Subsequently, there will be a brief discussion on colonialism and its effects on Islamic education, which will be contrasted against the Islamic definition of Education. The course will include a session on the Holy Qur’an which has elements dedicated to Self-Development. Assessments for this course will be enriched mubahatha sessions and an exam and a written assignment.

Honours (Prerequisite: YTG 301A) 

The Honours Program is for a select group of youth who have excelled in the YTG 301A program and who wish to pursue further studies as they relate to Women in Islam. The students will address a number of subjects related to the Muslimah's experience including specific fiqhi issues concerning women; women in the Holy Qur'an; historical roles of Muslim women; contemporary questions related to females and more. The assessments will be focused mubahatha sessions, an exam and a synthesis project.

Students' applications will be reviewed upon submission and an Admin will be in communication to advise of its acceptance and to inform the student of start dates.   We look forward to welcoming all new and returning students for the 2024 - 2025 year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please send a message to:

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The Youth Track Boys program is a mentorship program that provides Muslim male youths between the ages of 15 to 20 years old with a space where they feel a sense of belonging in a nurturing space with trustworthy mentors under the guidance of a godly teacher where they can be launched into their journey to reclaim their sense of God-given dignity and responsibility as Muslim men.

In the youth track boys program we help offer them the right start they need as young men to grow towards becoming strong, pious, balanced and dependable Muslim men that can adhere to the nine core values of the Kawthar Learning Circle.

Specifically, graduates from the youth track boys must have gained a deep conviction that the most important way to actualize their humanity and their manhood is through the sincere and constant pursuit and practice of godly knowledge under authentic teachers and with truthful friends.

During the KLC YTB program students have the opportunity to:

  • Think, express and discuss with reliable mentors and supportive friends any of their burning questions and real-life challenges in their journey of faith
  • Have a better mastery over their time, habits and goals
  • Have a deeper understanding of themselves, their Creator and their
  • destination
  • Do hands-on projects with a team of passionate mentors and supportive friends

The teachings used to shed light and inform the YTB program are based on the works of Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali including supporting material from the following books:

  • Self-Knowledge by Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Self-Development by Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Lessons on Islamic Beliefs by Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Lessons on Islamic Morals by Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Understanding the Quran by Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Islamic Belief System by team of scholars under the supervision of Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Islamic Plan for Life by team of scholars under the supervision of Sh. Mohammad Ali Shomali
  • Divine Justice by Sh. Murtada Mutahhari

Students that are younger than 18 years old, are able to continue with the YTB until they reach 18 years of age. Students that are 18 years old or more, can continue with the YTB until they reach 20 years of age if they choose.

The YTB program helps its students develop the realisation that they need to pursue and practise godly knowledge in a systematic and continuous way through their life without cessation. Specifically, the YTB team would consider themselves to have succeeded if they were able to prepare and support their students in engaging in the KLC IF program or any other reliable and structured learning platform including but not limited to full-time seminarial studies.

Enrollment Criteria:

  • Shia Muslim male youths between the ages of 15 to 20 years old
  • References from Scholar (asset)
  • References from KLC student (asset)
  • References from parents(asset)

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